How to Grow Beard Faster Naturally? Simple Routines to Follow.

Growing a thick and healthy beard is a latest craze, so if you want to grow your beard fast, you need to practice some easy yet necessary routines. Here are some tips and routines to follow to grow a thick and healthy beard.

Here are some tips and routines to follow

You must first let your beard grow for at least a month. Giving time to your facial hair to grow is very important, you have to commit yourself to growing your beard, whether you feel itching or discomfort. Once you’ve gone through the one-month cycle then you think you’re going to shape the beard.

Genetics and hormones

Genetics and hormones decide the body and facial hair of the person. Your genes play a crucial role in the development of your beard. Like a father like a son, so how your father has a beard, you’re going to have the same sort of beard.

healthy diet

Healthy diet

Diet plays a crucial role in every aspect of your body, and beard is one of them. So, taking a healthy diet with a decent amount of protein and vitamins will improve your beard growth. Taking vitamin B and B complex improves skin and hair health. Eggs, meat, nuts and leafy vegetables are a good source of biotin (vitamin B7). Fish oil and other seafoods are good source of omega 3 fatty acids that are also good for skin and hair. However, vitamins like biotin that will help improve your hair’s health, but they will not affect your genetic potential.

Rest and sleep

Your sleep is also very important for your hair and beard growth. A recent study published in the American medical journal points to a lack of sleep as a cause of a major decrease in men’s testosterone levels. Sleeping gives your body a chance to regenerate the hormone, giving your beard a secret male ingredient. Having a complete 8-hour sleep is a recommendation that most modern men might benefit from.


Regular exercise also helps to increase hair growth by improving blood circulation and immunity. Doing high intensity exercise improves testosterones level that helps directly in hair growth.

Face washing and moisturising

Wash your face at least twice a day with warm water, warm water opens up the blocked pores Avoid touching and scratching your beard. Use beard oil to reduce itchiness of your rough and hard beard. Beard growth oils, serums, and tablets are not the quick solution to grow beard. It just softens your beard and put a shine on your beard. So do not rely on these types of product for beard growth but these are like nourish your beard so if your beard need nourishment you can apply these oils and serums.

Medical support

Minoxidil is an US FDA authorized drug or oil used to enhance hair growth. Messaging Minoxidil frequently twice a day might help to boost your beard growth. However minoxidil  . You should use Minoxidil with a prescription from your dermatologist. Use as advised by your doctor. Avoid missing the oil massage and try using it in time. In most cases, you can use Minoxidil 1 ml in the morning and 1 ml in the night.


The best way to grow a beard is to leave it to grow naturally for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Taking enough sleep and a healthy diet will also boost your beard growth. Taking vitamin and fatty acids increases the speed of beard growth.

Washing your face daily with warm water and adding moisturizers nourishes your beard, so it looks healthier.

Last but not least, medical assistance may be needed if there is still a patchy or no beard problem. All these approaches help to make the beard look good.

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