7 Protein-Rich Foods For Vegans

Protein is the major macronutrient that helps build and repair our body’s muscles. It is a very vital nutrient for your body’s growth and maintenance. There are many sources of protein-rich food available to us, but most of it comes from animal sources such as meat, fish, poultry, milk, etc. There are few protein sources available for vegans.

Here’s a list of protein-rich foods for vegans where you can get a high amount of protein.

Lentils or Legumes

Lentils are a healthy source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. You can get 9gm of protein out of 100gm of boiled lentils. While it does not offer as much protein as meat, it is a very good alternative to animal-based protein. It is used as a staple food in India as most Indians are vegetarians and non-vegetarians often consume lentils or dal in India. Lentils are gluten-free and have a low glycemic index that makes them a good choice for diabetics also.


Tofu is a by-product of soya milk. It has a decent protein content of almost 18% of the protein you will get from tofu. It is also known as bean-curd, which is produced in the same process as cheese or paneer by coagulating soya milk and pressing it into solid blocks. It is naturally gluten-free and contains no cholesterol. It is also a good source of minerals, such as magnesium and phosphorus, and also a very good source of iron and calcium.


Beans like soya bean, pinto bean, kidney beans, black beans, etc. are very high in protein. Soybeans are the ideal source of protein for all plant-based proteins. Beans are also high in fiber so that the use of beans also decreases blood sugar in your body. There are many health benefits of eating beans, such as lowering blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. You can make soups and stews out of beans, or you can eat beans with rice or chapati as Indians do.

Green peas

Green peas are fully packed with nutrition. It is a leguminous plant with a good amount of protein.

Green pea protein powder is also available in the market with a high amount of protein. Green peas are also containing carotenoids, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. It is also a good source of vitamin K, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, copper, vitamin C, phosphorus, and folate. They are also a good source of vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin B2, molybdenum, zinc, protein, magnesium, iron, potassium, and choline.


Quinoa is an edible seed that is fully loaded with protein and fiber. It is a good option for protein for vegans. Quinoa contains almost all nine essential amino acids. It is a gluten-free whole grain carbohydrate, it is also a good source of vitamin, fiber, and iron. There are many processed forms of quinoa available in the market like quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, etc.


Peanuts are the best source of plant-based protein among all nuts. Other nuts also contain a good amount of protein like almonds, cashew, walnuts, pine nuts, etc. These all are containing a high amount of protein. Nuts are also available in the formed paste we called it butter, like peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc. are tastes well and also rich in other nutrients.

Protein supplements

The daily required amount of protein should be around 0.8gm for 1kg for each person. There are many protein supplements available in the market to fulfill the daily recommended dietary allowance. Protein supplements are an easy way to fulfill your daily protein intake.

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