Grooming Tips For Men

10 Grooming Tips For Men; Simple Routines To Follow

Nobody likes a man with messy hair or having an uneven beard or having a bad smell. Everyone wants to run away from them. Grooming is an essential part of our lifestyle. Everybody likes a well-groomed man. Ladies find them more attractive. Even a well-groomed man feels more confident in the room.

Here are some simple routines to follow to make yourself a well-groomed man

Regularly trim your hairs

Your hair grows regularly about a quarter of an inch every month. If you notice your hair draping over your ear or may have split ends it’s time to go to a barber. Generally, it would be advised to cut your hair every 3-4 weeks to keep them manageable and healthy.

Do remember to shave or trim your back of the neck ask your barber to take care of it.

Take care of your feet

Feet are the most neglected part of our body, and very few people look after their feet. But it is still an important part of the body that we should take good care of. An easy routine every week should follow just cut your toes nail and exfoliate your heels should do the job that’s so simple.

Cut your nails

Overgrown nails look good on girls but for men, you have to keep them short and clean. Cut them every week with a nail clipper or nail scissors or you can also file them for a better finish. If you have the money you can get a professional manicure or buy a manicure kit ( at amazon).

Wear your deodorant/antiperspirants

A good deodorant eliminates smells caused by bacteria that form in your underarms, while antiperspirants prevent sweat from forming so bacteria can’t grow. It’s your choice which product is suits you better.

Trim your nose and ear hair

Nose hair grows rapidly and coming out of your nose does not look good. You have to trim them; it takes only a minute to do this. The same goes for the growing hair on your ears.

You can use round-shaped scissors or a nose trimmer or a good pair of tweezers can do the work.

Take care of your facial hair

Growing a beard is trendy but taking care of a beard is also important. A well-groomed beard makes you look more attractive than a fuzzy or uneven beard. 

So, trim your beard with a good beard trimmer or ask your barber to do so. Always moisturize your beard to keep it soft and healthy.

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Some people have a joint eyebrow or we call it a unibrow. A set of tweezers can do the work take those tweezers and pluck off extra hairs between your eyebrows.

If needed get some professional help and get a hair wax done or maybe threading can do the same.

Wash your face

Your face is the first impression to everybody, taking care of your face should be your priority. Exfoliate your face with your favorite scrub and wash with a gentle face wash can do the work. And don’t forget the moisturizer always moisturizes your face after a face wash.

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Bad breath

Nobody even comes close to you if your mouth stinks. There are many reasons for bad breath like eating certain foods like garlic, onion or some spices or smoking can cause bad breath

If you don’t brush daily it can also cause bad breath. If there is a problem so there is also a solution.

If your bad breath is due to bacteria in your mouth then brushing and flossing can help and even mouth rinsing with mouthwash can work. If your breath is smelling due to garlic or smoking chewing gum or mouth freshener can help in this.

Brush regularly

Brushing daily can help you to get rid of bad breath. Brushing daily can also help with dental health.

sometimes the food you eat is stuck in your teeth that looks disgusting if you don’t brush your teeth this even causes bad breath.

Everybody looks at your teeth when you talk. Nobody likes yellow teeth, everybody likes white teeth, you can use baking soda with your toothpaste or maybe some toothpaste also contains baking soda as an ingredient. Baking soda will help you to get pearl white teeth. When you smile it makes you look even better.


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