Intermittent Fasting with One-Meal-A-Day AKA OMAD Diet

Intermittent fasting is a cycle of fasting, eating, and fasting. It is a method of eating and fasting at a scheduled time. The key is to limit your eating habits to a limited period. There is a numerous way to do intermittent fasting.

Alternate day fasting or eat fast eat Diet: In this method, you have to fast for 24 hours and eat the next day with a regular diet what you normally eat.

5:2 Diet: In this method, you eat normally for 5 days a week and for 2 days you have to lower down your calorie intake to 500-600 calories for non-consecutive days. For example, day 1 eat normally, on day 2 fast or take fewer calories, day 3 and day 4 eat normally, then day 5 again eat fewer calories, and again day 6 and day 7 eat normally, then repeat for another 7 days.

Time restriction fasting: This is the most practiced form of intermittent fasting, in this method you have a limited time to eat and consume all your calories in a given eating window and then fast for the remaining time of the day.

There are many time-restricted fasting methods are followed like the most common 16:8, In this method, you fast for 16 hours and eat in between 8 hours.

12:12, 14:10, 18:6, are some of the variations of the time-restricted fasting method but There is one more method which is the topic of this article, The ONE-MEAL-A-DAY METHOD OR OMAD METHOD, this is the most aggressive way to fast as in this method you have to fast for 23 hours a day and only one hour to take all your calories.

In this article, we discuss the OMAD fasting schedule, OMAD fasting guide, OMAD fasting pros and cons, and some frequently asked questions.

OMAD Fasting Schedule

As the name suggests one-meal-a-day or OMAD diet is a type of time-restricted intermittent fasting in which you have a period of an hour to eat and then fast the remaining 23 hours. In the eating period, you are free to eat what you want to eat but, in my opinion, you have to eat a balanced diet with a combination of all macronutrients and micro-nutrients, that fulfill your daily calorie intake.

OMAD Fasting Guide

There is a simple rule in intermittent fasting is that your eating window should be the same for each day which means if you are eating at 4 pm one day so you have to eat at the same time the next day that is the trick. You cannot do this today you eat at 4 pm the next day at 2 pm or the other day at 6 am it’s not effective.

Normally people chose the eating window 3 pm-4 pm. You can choose your time whatever you want but keep consistent at the same time.

In the fasting period, you can take water, unsweetened coffee (black coffee), or green tea that contain very little calorie or no-calorie.

Pros and Cons of OMAD

There are pros and cons of everything so the OMAD diet has also its pros and cons, let’s discuss most of them.

Pros of OMAD Fasting

You can eat whatever you like there is no restriction in eating any food. But suggested having a nutritionally balanced diet.

When you eat only once a day you have more time to do other work as you have free time when you eat only one meal instead of 3 or 4 meal.

OMAD Fasting may help to control diabetes and other health-related issues.

OMAD Fasting also improves metabolism.

Cons of OMAD Fasting

The main concern about the OMAD diet is that you might not get all your nutrients in one meal.

As you are free to eat anything there is a possibility that you eat more than your normal daily diet.

You may feel hungry throughout the day and prolong the feeling of hunger may lead to acid reflux.

It can help you to lose weight fast but when you return to your normal diet it might worsen the situation you might gain more weight. It can also lead to digestive issues.

Frequently Asked Questions on OMAD Fasting

When is the best time to eat my one-meal-a-day meal?

You are free to choose the eating window by yourself, you can eat your meal any time during the whole day but you have to be consistent for your other day of fasting, means you should eat at the same time for your fasting week or month

Is there a certain number of calories should I take during my OMAD meal?

You are free to eat anything you want but it is advised to get at least 1500 calories and do not cross the limit of your daily calorie consumption limit if you are fasting to lose weight.

Should I take Coffee during the fasting window?

Water, black unsweetened coffee, or tea can be taken during fasting hours. Try to get at least 8 glasses of water as recommended per day.

How fast will I lose weight by OMAD fasting diet?      

You lose weight only when you take a calorie deficit diet, as you are free to eat anything some people might eat more than the daily recommended diet. It also depends on person to person some people respond early to this diet and start losing weight from the first week and some take time but the most important thing is consistency and a calorie deficit diet.



It is helpful to lose weight if you follow it wisely, the key is to follow a calorie deficit diet and also don’t forget to take all macro-nutrients and micronutrients.

Consult a professional or doctor before get into a OMAD diet. It might be dangerous for you if you are pregnant, lactating mother, or taking medication that requires food for metabolism of drug.

If you are not foodie or food addict and want to loose some weight give it a try to OMAD Diet.

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