Why Does My Beard Feel Itchy?

Beard itching is a very common problem in men. Every man has to pass through this situation if he wants to grow a nice big beard. There are a number of factors that can cause an itchy beard.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair occurs when sharp edge beard hair pokes into the skin and starts growing inside your skin. Sometimes a blocked hair follicle traps the hair strand inside the skin and causes it to grow inside instead of outside. In such situations, your skin becomes itchy

Dry skin

Dry skin is very common in the winter season, there are many other factors that cause dry skin like dry climate, less consumption of water, or using any cosmetic products that are using harsh chemicals.

Fungal and bacterial infection

Fungal infection can cause itching and irritation in your beard area. Tinea barbae is a fungal infection caused due to Dermatophytic infection around your beard. It can be treated with topical antifungal medications

How Do You Stop Your Beard From Itching?

An itchy beard may even make you very uncomfortable and restless. Yeah, there are some easy home remedies you can try to get rid of that itchy beard.

Wash your face and beard

The basic yet very important step is to wash your beard properly. A good face and beard wash can do the job, it removes all dust, dirt, and other impurities from the beard. Rinse properly after a beard wash. Buy it online here.

Pat dry

Like a beard wash, drying is also important. Do it correctly, and make sure there is no water left behind. You can use a towel or you can also use a blow dryer to dry it completely.

Brushing or Combing

Brushing is sometimes neglected by some men but it is also a good practice to brush your beard with a soft brush so that any impurities left behind can be removed. Brushing also makes your curly beard a little straighter so that it cannot poke your skin and cause scratching or itching.

Beard oil or balm

Applying a beard oil or balm moisturizes your beard and skin. It also nourishes the beard and keeps your beard softer. It contains many mineral oils that can help to improve the growth of the beard. Buy it online here.


Trimming your beard can help to reduce itching by cutting off the sharp edge of the hair that is poking your skin. Trimming is also helpful in enhancing the growth of the beard.

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